The Only Glasses In The World to Support Your Sleep

Patented Science

Our proprietary lenses block 100% of blue light.

Superior Lenses

Durable with melanin infused right into the lens.

Lab Tested

Verified by independent labs.

We block 100% of harmful blue light, day & night



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Built by science, to help our eyes

We've struggled with sleep ourselves, we researched and wanted to know HOW we could help our bodies do better. We discovered not all lenses worked the same. We used patented science to develop Entheos the right way to minimize blue light across its most damaging part of the light spectrum

We are 100% Protection

Our proprietary lenses use patented science to block 100% of the blue light spectrum emitted by digital devices and ambient lighting in the home...not 20%, 30% or even 70% like cheaper brands--we are 100% protection at 455 nanometers where it matters MOST.

Maximum COLOR perception

See the rainbow without the Blue: our proprietary lens technology brings Maximum Color Perception to your eyes, day or night. We utilize natural pigments of Melanin built right into the lens to filter 100% of the spike of Blue Light on the color spectrum that surrounds us - but allows you to SEE all the other colors clearly.

High quality frames & materials

All our frames are hand crafted from premium acetate in small batch production. Your order is made just for you. Every modern style comes with a highly durable Entheos frame.